Self-Evaluation: Resilience

How resilient are you?

The self-evaluation questionnaire consists of 21 questions – 3 for each of the seven categories or areas of development in the selection box.

The seven categories are:

  • perception
  • getting a grip of one’s life
  • forming relationships
  • acceptance and optimistic thinking (confidence in future)
  • orientation on solution and aims
  • healthy lifestyle
  • self-efficacy

Therefore, if you discover you have a need for development or training in one of the categories, you can find exercises for this specific focus area in the selection box.

You can make use of the self-evaluation in different ways:

  1. Participants in adult education can use it during resilience training for self-evaluation. You can give it to your group in all stages of the training: as an introduction to the topic, in combination with one or more exercises or at the end of the course. It has also proved to be useful as an evaluation tool by using it at the start of a course and again at the end (status before and after the training).
  2. Trainers can ask their participants to fill in the questionnaire at the beginning of a training session to find out more about the group’s specific needs and select exercises accordingly.
  3. In coaching, it can be used as a process-related instrument. Each statement is an important component of resilience that can be treated individually.
  4. To give you an idea of where you stand at the moment, we recommend taking the self-evaluation test yourself before giving it to your participants, clients or patients.



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